Easy. Quick. Intuitive.

Create Meetings, Build Agenda, Take Notes, and Recap - All in One Place


Schedule your meetings effortlessly with your team by instantly building a structured agenda along with supporting documents.

Create Teams and invite your colleagues.

Create Meetings with the team.

Add files relevant to your meeting.

Create the meeting agenda with topics, subtopics.

Publish the meeting, and all your team will be notified.

In-built calendar for seamless management.



Take meeting notes, assign status, and share meeting minutes with your colleagues.

Mark attendance/absence of team members.

Take notes during the meeting.

Provision actions to be taken after meeting.

Download & Circulate meeting minutes vial email/platform

Plan for the next meeting.

Auto attaches meeting minutes from the previous meeting.



Quickly review past meetings for reference and reconciliation.

All meetings data in one place.

Search & View your past meetings.

Download / Print agendas & minutes.

Smart topics to track recurring agendas.


Take Control of Your Meetings

Out-of-the-box Analytics for tracking & insights.

Center analytics dashboard image.

See how many users are active in meetings.

Track meeting frequencies.

See how long your meetings are running.

Track future meetings.

Monitor the recurring agendas on the organization level.

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