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Be on the same page with your in-house and remote teams with streamlined goals

Get it done with your teams

1. Centralize all communication with your team members with automated documentation.

2. Easily circulate all meeting documents.

3. Keep your meetings on track with clear agendas.

4. Quickly recap what’s happening in your team meetings.

Board Meeting

Productive Meetings Makes Your Team Even More productive

Easy Onboarding

Get started quickly with your official or personal emails. Easily create your teams and schedule meetings with a single click. Use your calendar to manage your meetings.

Set Clear meeting Agendas

Avoid the stigma of meeting and wastage of time. Define clear agendas and topics to steer your meeting and kickstart the work. Be efficient and save your time.

Streamlined Actions With Minutes Builder

Be it your remote team or in-house team, easily circulate meeting summary and actionable items to work collaboratively with your team of any size. Get things done quickly.

Stay Organized

Quickly recap and refer your team meetings to fill any gaps due to absence or any other reason. Search and download any meeting data to analyze and make informed decisions.

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