Webex Integration

Webex Integration

How the Webex Integration can help companies improve employee experience.

All about Cisco Webex and QuickMinutes, and why they work well together.

Webex by Cisco is a pioneering solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars. This cloud-based collaboration suite offers a feature rich experience to its users. Quickminutes provides software tools that streamline the administrative and participatory aspects of running and engaging with meetings. It’s time consuming to prepare for meetings - the meeting documentation is constantly being updated, and follow up tasks are sometimes incomplete. Implementing transparency and accountability can be challenging and QuickMinutes aims to minimise some of those hassles.

Integration with Webex is a special one in terms of increased usability. Users will be able to generate Webex conference links directly in QuickMinutes when creating a meeting and this link will automatically be added to the meeting agenda.

What this integration brings to the table for various teams.

Connecting applications throughout the organization eliminates silos that hinder free flow of idea sharing since the employees get entangled in the mechanics of effective functioning. This integration takes care of the mechanical side of it such as documentation, meetings schedule and helps foster a culture of collaboration.

  • Easily manage Webex meetings right from QuickMinutes - Integrating the application can reduce the tedious work of jumping back and forth between the applications to schedule meetings and invite guests.

  • Integrate seamlessly in just a few clicks - The simple one time 4-click integration presets the user’s preference.

  • Manage your meetings in one collaborative space - The integration provides increased functionality by combining the capabilities of both the softwares, such as seamless conferencing experience on Webex supported with easy book-keeping on QuickMinutes.

How to enable the Webex integration?

The Webex integration can be enabled in 4 clicks for the existing users,

  1. Click on your profile photo on the top right
  2. Navigate to settings
  3. Under integrations you will see the option 'Webex'.
  4. Click on 'Integrate Webex now' & follow the steps.


And a few simple steps for our new users -

  1. Sign up on QuickMinutes.
  2. Sync your calendar with QM.
  3. Create your first meeting by selecting Webex.

Your Webex conference link will be generated and added to your calendar!

From developers’ vantage point

Webex provides a resource repository for developers, which can be accessed on developer.webex.com. It gives a solution architect view into the end-to-end process of developing. The digital white page on the front page is for developers interested in exploring, and it also gives a quick tour around Webex. The developer support system for third parties is also quite robust. The extensive documentation and assistance makes developing for Webex even smoother.


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