How does Santa organize his  work meetings?

How does Santa organize his work meetings?

Santa and his team's exclusive interview with Danny O' Donovan

Christmas Gift from Santa Workshop

Every year, millions of children worldwide count on a single man to bring them happiness on the eve of Christmas in the form of a Christmas present, to grant them a Christmas wish. Yes, since childhood, we all have counted on Santa to bring billions of gifts to children around the globe in a single night, and he never disappoints!

Have you ever wondered how Santa and his team manage it all so well to make sure all the presents are delivered on the eve of Christmas? 

  • What is their process of working? 
  • How does the Christmas Eve Campaign work? 
  • How do they hold meetings?

We recently had the opportunity to interview Santa Claus and his team from the North Pole. We didn't go to the North Pole; it was an interview over a Zoom Call.

We invited Santa and his team to speak to us because they wanted to share how Santa's Workshop in Lapland has enhanced its operating procedures since the advent of technology.

Virtual Meeting Santa Q & A with Santa and his Squad from Santa's Workshop’ in Lapland, North Pole. 

Danny: Hello, I'd like to welcome all of you. My first question is from Santa. Would you like to share how  Santa's Workshop in Lapland  works? 

Santa: Thank you for having us here; it is a pleasure to meet you. That's an interesting question. If I tell you about Our Workshop in Lapland.  It operates like any other organisational. To fulfil our targets in time for Christmas, we work based on processes, objectives, goals, and targets. A well-organised work environment allows us to stay ahead of deadlines, plan tasks with enough headroom, and focus on the work in the moment rather than on the administration. On the other hand, poor organisational limits reflection time, resulting in missed opportunities, leading to more mistakes and adding stress. My goal is to make every  worker feel as if they are valuable parts of our operation and valued members of a vibrant workplace community. By focusing on building relationships, we can create a culture of trust and mutual respect.

"I would like to introduce our very dear and prestigious Chief Secretary of Operations, Mr. Gimbel. He manages the operations of Santa's Workshop in Lapland." 

Mr Gimbel Danny: Hello, Mr. Gimbel, it is a pleasure to have you here. 

Mr. Gimbel: Thank you, Danny; it is a pleasure to see you grow as a Young Man.

Danny: Thank you, Mr. Gimbel. I was wondering, how do you manage your workforce? Would you mind sharing?

Mr. Gimbel: Our work is carried out by wish officers, who are assigned to different continents, and they respond to Ms. Silverbell, the Chief Wish Officer. We use QuickMinutes to manage our work meetings to keep everything on track. 

Santa's Workshop board meetings include members from multiple locations, requests, notes, and people, so we use QuickMinutes to manage them.  

My main task includes:

  • Organizing Weekly Board Meetings
  • Creating Meeting Packs
  • Sharing Meeting Agenda Before Meetings
  • Coordinating with Ms. Silverbells, Mr. Bing, Mr. Cookie, and Mr Reindeer
  • Sharing all reports and WIP status with Santa


Ms Silverbells

Danny: Hello, Ms. Silverbell, how are you?

Ms. Silverbell: I am fine, thank you, I still remember your Childhood wish for your Toy Car. 

Danny: haahah, oh yes, it's still with me. Would you like to share how to manage all the Wish Officers? 

Ms. Silverbell: I believe inspiring and motivating a team is crucial to getting the job done. With so many wishes, we manage each Continent as each department. Every Continent has its own separate Meetings, reports, agenda, and target. 

Working closely with each Continent's Wish Officer, I pass on the Gift Production report to Mr. Bing, Chief production officer, who manages the production line of Gifts at Santa's Workshop.

I present a wish report to Santa every week. Our meeting pack includes the wish report to easily keep track of everything. 

My main task includes:

  • Receiving the Wish report for each Continent 
  • Coordinating with Wish Officers 
  • Sharing Wish reports with Santa 

Mr Bing from Santa's Workshop

Mr. Bing: Hello Danny, and thank Ms. SilverBells for Introduction. With the mentoring of Santa, I manage the production line and the Gift Production, along with Mr. Cookie, who drives the Candy and Confectionery Production. 

Like Mr. Claus said, a well-organized work environment is essential. Santa, who is also the head of our design department, participates actively in our production line but as well trusts his teams to execute his vision while generating innovative solutions independently.

It is Santa who connects us all personally, professionally, and emotionally. He walks the halls, does the quality check, and always helps us with the production. 

My main task includes:

  • Receiving the Wish report Ms. Silverbell.
  • Gift Design Approval from Santa
  • Daily Meeting with Production line Elves 
  • Gift Production
  • Quality Test Report
  • Packaging gift

Mr Cookie makes from Santa's WorkshopDanny: Hello Cookie, first of all, thank you very much for all the delicious Christmas Candy that you sent. Could you tell me a bit of Christmas Candy?

Mr. Cookie: Thank you, Danny; I have some special Christmas Candies for you and your team. As Bing mentioned, Santa is a great mentor. He tastes each Candy and Cookie recipe to ensure we make delicious confections for the kids. Each year, we come up with new recipes, taking inspiration from our heritage recipes to make them even tastier, and Santa stays ahead of the curve.

The entire year is dedicated to creating our recipes, ingredients, and tasting sessions. Christmas is our busiest season, as we do mass production, but Santa helps with Quality Checks, eco-friendly production, and packaging.

After our gifts and candies are checked and packaged, we have our annual meeting with Santa and Mr. Reindeer to discuss production, packing, and delivery requirements. 

After that, Santa and Reindeer ensure that each item is delivered securely, safely, and on time.

My main task includes:

  • Recipe Approval from Santa and Mr. Gimbel.
  • Candy Production and Packaging
  • Daily Meeting with Baker Elves 
  • Quality Test Report

Meeting at Santa's Village using QuickMinutes

Danny: Thank you, Mr. Cookie, for all the insights. Hello Mr. Reindeer. Do you enjoy flying the Sleigh? 

Mr. Reindeer: Hello Danny,  I love exploring the world, so I am responsible for coordinating all the transportation and gift delivery along with Santa. Punctuality allows you to stick to your schedule, makes a great impression on kids waiting with socks, and prevents you from feeling like you're constantly slowing us down. 

These days, due to Covid restrictions, we have to be extremely careful in managing the delivery. We have daily meetings with all the continent officers, and they keep me informed without all the restrictions imposed by the countries. 

Besides being responsible for updating Santa on the latest covid regulations and protocol, I ensure that all presents are delivered to kids on the eve of Christmas and that the world is filled with joy and happiness.

My main tasks include

  • Filling the Sleigh with Gift Bags
  • Checking Covid Restriction
  • Daily Reporting Countries Protocol
  • Meeting with Continent Coordinators
  • Flying our Sleigh 
  • Following GPS to reach on time. 

Danny: This has been a great discussion, Santa. As a team builder, you have proven your brilliance.

Meeting with Santa


Santa: Thanks, Danny. The real credit goes to our planning process, management, and the entire team. To ensure a hassle-free working environment and achieve our targets, we manage our work in various departments, documenting every process and guaranteeing an established workflow.

And Many thanks to QuickMinutes, as it drives our meeting flow and keeps it all written and easy for us to foresee the work process by making our work meetings seamless... 


Our efforts together are making this possible. Merry Christmas



Merry Christmas

Speaking to Santa and his team, we feel Santa and his team are a true example of teamwork. We could clearly see that a good plan, communication, coordination, and collaboration help meet the target and streamline the process, making the work more exciting and engaging.






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