Introducing Agenda Templates

Introducing Agenda Templates

QuickMinutes Agenda Templates

Introducing meeting agenda templates - our newest feature to ease your meeting planning responsibilities. 

Meeting agendas help keep your meeting on track and within the set timeframe, clarify the meeting’s purpose for attendees, and ensure that all items on the list are completed. Sending an agenda out before the start of the meeting allows attendees to prepare accordingly, allocating the appropriate amount of time and effectively scheduling the rest of their tasks and responsibilities for the day.

Most importantly, preparing an agenda ensures that all voices are heard and everyone is given their due time, including employees who tend to stay quiet, or employees belonging to underrepresented minority groups. Something as simple as a meeting agenda can be an effective tool in increasing equity, inclusivity, and representation within companies. 

Using a meeting agenda template eases the burden of agenda building. You can select from a variety of templates suited for various needs--from project kickoff to performance review--or develop your own reusable, adjustable template to send out again and again. 

Our templates are customizable, so you can add and subtract agenda items as needed. Additionally, there is space to attach important notes or resources for easy distribution to meeting attendees. 

Agenda Templates

Incorporating agenda templates is yet another way to streamline the workday for both meeting administrators and attendees. You may also notice you can customize your own agenda templates which will will appear under "My Templates". If you have any suggestions feel free to reach out to


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